• Dr. Juliette Schmid Lossberg, Dr. Jennifer Pohle, Dr. Bettina von Seefried Dr. Friederike Bender und Gudrun Mehring

Gynecology Seefeld - Your Gynecologist at the heart of Zurich

We place the highest value on individual consulting, quality and professionalism.
— Dr. med. Bettina v. Seefried.
Located at the heart of Zurich is an experienced and passionate team of five female gynecologists and one midwife, fluent in English and dedicated to state-of-the-art medical services for women, around the clock if needed.

We offer comprehensive health services for women from adolescence to post-menopause, including fertility medicine, FemiLift laser treatments and better-aging counseling.

In addition to gynecology and obstetrics, we specialize in pregnancy care beginning from preconception advice, through to childbirth and postpartum monitoring. We closely cooperate with established specialists, and respected private clinics such as the Hirslanden Group, for surgical interventions and deliveries..

Practice Locations

Our practice is located at two addresses, just a stone's throw away. In the confirmation SMS you receive before your visit, the location of your appointment is provided.

  • Höschgasse 50 (google maps) next to the tram stop Höschgasse in the house of Höschgasse pharmacy.
  • Seefeldstrasse 152 (google maps) between coffee shop Freytag and the soccer field.
Gynäkologie Seefeld location map
For both locations tram stop Höschgasse is the closest (tramway 2 and 4, bus 33, 912 and 916). Parking is found on the street or at Parkhaus Feldegg on Riesbachstrasse 7, a five-minute walk away.

Your medical personnel

Dr. med. B. von Seefried

Specialist Doctor in Gynecology, Gynecological Surgery and Obstetrics, FMH. Master in Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery (ECAMS).

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Gudrun Mehring
Gudrun Mehring

Specialist Doctor in Gynecology, Gynecological Surgery and Obstetrics, FMH.

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Dr. med. J. Schmid-Lossberg

Specialist Doctor in Gynecology and Obstetrics, FMH.

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Dr. med. F. Bender

Specialist Doctor in Gynecology and Obstetrics.

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Dr. med. J. Pohle

Specialist Doctor in Gynecology and Obstetrics.

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Annika Lütcke
Annika Lütcke


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